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charlene 06-07-2007 09:01 AM

David Crighton paints wonderful pictures of Toronto and other landmarks in towns around the city. I have had a couple of his pieces for many years now. I have his Massey Hall piece and his collage of Toronto landmarks. He told me that he gave one of his Massey pics to Lightfoot.

He has a new piece that incorprates Lightfoot, Orillia and author/humourist Stephen Leacock.

Massey Hall:

Stephen Leacock:

Auburn Annie 06-07-2007 12:00 PM

Oooh - those are so nice! I'm going to have to run the catalog past my husband and see if there's anything that catches his eye - only 6 months till Xmas, lol.

charlene 06-07-2007 12:48 PM

they are really great Annie..I have several years worth of his yearly calendars as well-b&w sketches of Toronto landmarks..They'd be great as framed pieces hung in gallery style..
He does them in b&W and then watercolours each one individually. I went to his studio around 13 years ago when I bought the Massey pic and could have bought a dozen other pieces.. !
My Massey pic has March 1984 dates on the marquee.
It has place of honour over the fireplace here in my den where I have several "Lightfoot" items displayed on the mantle and the painting I bought in November of a 70's Gord onstage and looking like a Canadian postage stamp...

RM 06-07-2007 01:39 PM


Originally posted by charlene:
He does them in b&W and then watercolours each one individually.
I know nothing about painting....does he sketch the scenes from memory or photo and then watercolor them ? Or does he actually sketch on site, and then watercolor them ?

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johnfowles 06-07-2007 03:01 PM

That is one very sweet painting CHar
here it is on its own cropped and enlarged
I wonder what David's price is for a "card" print??
Email: David Crighton
Tel: 416.656.7670
Toll Free: 877.727.7202

Contact the artist directly for further information regarding purchasing prints seen on this website"
You could get few for your friends hereabouts!!
I am now downloading David's 77 page pdf format catalogue only 5286KB and an hour (at least) to download with this accursed dial-up

charlene 06-07-2007 05:11 PM

it's too bad he doesn't sell his coasters and neckties anymore..they were great..
I have some other cards he did years ago..gotta find them...i was going to frame them...
i'll be getting one of the Orillia cards tho..maybe stop by his place next time i am in toronto..

johnfowles 06-07-2007 09:16 PM


Originally posted by charlene:
it's too bad he doesn't sell his coasters .....anymore..they were great..

A very kind Lighthead surprised and delighted Susan a while ago by getting a set of GL coasters made from old LP centres
which she had arranged to be sent direct to Susan from the ebay seller.
It might well have been the same person who is offering another set right now and who presumably spends much time searching for such discarded old items.They are actually very well made and come complete as you can see with a nicely fashioned real walnut holder/display stand

I eventually succeeded in downloading Mr Crichton's catalogue pdf file and was surprised not to find that Orillia/Leacock painting in the listing.
I did however make a few screenshots of several other attractive offerings (yes screenshots because I do not know how to extract pictures from stoopid Adobe ruddy Acrobat Portable flippin' Document ridiculously bloated Format files. does anybody here know how)??:-
CHar's Massey Hall print I presume?
Do note the value
A nice pair of collages of the city

Note that Massey Hall features on both

And some shops in Orillia (oops I see a typo!!Dear oh Dear and he says he lived there once too)
A prominent record store on Yonge Street,that is about to finally close at the end of this very month
A famous street at its junction with another
Thank you for your patience in letting the pictures above load up fully

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johnfowles 06-07-2007 09:26 PM

Due to the antics of someone, who I will not name but he knows who he is. this forum now limits the number of pictures that may be displayed in any one message to 8.
I miscounted the number I wished to include in my draft of the mesage above.
but here is the ninth which I found very amusing and clever
A "customised" version of another of his paintings
And no I am not going to apologise for the long time it wil undoubtedly take other dial-up viewers to see all 8 above because I had to twiddle my thumbs for a full hour to download the pdf file, so I thought you should share my misery, so there!!
Actually IMHO feel the selection above is very colourful and well worth looking at and as Gord would no doubt say:-
"well isn't that cute!!

BILLW 06-08-2007 04:59 AM

Nice stuff indeed.

Bill :)

johnfowles 06-08-2007 10:52 AM

David Crichton's work strongly reminds me of
Charles Wysocki
He also used a somewhat basic "primitive" even childish style with "stylised" objects in bright colours.
I discovered his work whilst browsing in an "arty" shop in Newport RI back in 1989 and found a bin of prints each mounted with a simple matte frame. I bought 4 and have derived great pleasure since then studying them.Only later did I discover that they were made from old calendar pages (see below*** as I now see that is how his children's website sells them)
when I looked at his website many years ago there was nothing there remotely like any of my 4 but now I found this wonderfully typical example of the style I personally find very attractive:-
Old Glory Farms
Hand Signed and Numbered Lithograph
Image Size 17 1/8 x 20"
Edition Size 1250 - Release Date May 2007
Signed and Numbered Lithograph $150
Signed and Numbered Artist Proof Lithograph $225
Signed and Numbered Framed Canvas Transfer $975

the family contacts are matt and Lisa at:-
The Charles Wysocki Gallery
PO Box 1170
Lake Arrowhead CA, 92352

There are many more to look at at:-
for example from:-
Pilots (Four Aces Flying School) -
*** These are framed calendar pages. They are not signed and numbered limited edition prints. They look great framed, and are a great way to get a Charles Wysocki picture on your wall at an affordable price. They come double matted. The top mat is a neutral color, and the inner mat is a nice accent color. They are framed in a rich wood frame, with glass. Overall framed size is about 16 x 18 (for about $79.00 )
I love the message banner towed by the red biplane "I love you Elizabeth (Charles' wife)"

The site lists previous year's calendars at:-
And here is a detail scan of part of the favourite of my 4 which I now find was from the 1980 calendar available new from the family site for only $29.95 and from which you could mount as many of the 12 prints as you wish in your own frames:-
I just love his liitle horses and buggies and both bare and leafy trees
And there are over 300 Wysocki items on ebay

Auburn Annie 06-08-2007 11:59 AM

I love the "billboard" message on the last one: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away (a dollar will bring him back.)"

johnfowles 06-08-2007 12:27 PM


Originally posted by Auburn Annie:
I love the "billboard" message on the last one: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away (a dollar will bring him back.)"
Yes Annie his work is full of little delights like that.Did you also notice just above that slogan a little pulley and a hook for lifting loads up into the barn?
I really should now apologise for posting a reply which was very much off the original Lightfoot topic and added to the pain of page loading for my fellow dial-up suffferers. (hopefully we will be getting a fast service soon).anyroad my response was at least in context which is more than can be said for the mindless drivel posted by a new "member" calling himself (I think I remember correctly) "Barodino Bertie" a.k.a. cretin who I am delighted to see our hard working and CHarming moderator has already done away with (both message and membership).

[ June 08, 2007, 12:32: Message edited by: johnfowles ]

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