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Yuri 10-18-2015 02:07 PM

Trent Severn
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A trio of very talented young ladies who now have two albums out, both a great addition to anyone's collection.

My apologies if posted previously.

Love & Maple Syrup:

Ghosts of Cape Horn:

You can visit their website at:

charlene 10-18-2015 02:31 PM

Re: Trent Severn
I was there that night!! - astronaut Col Hadfield was there too- it was an epic night. I caught video too and may have posted these as well in the 2014 Hugh's Tribute thread from back then. They're terrific artists with wonderful harmonies. (at that time Dayna and Aengus were engaged) http://www.corfid.com/vbb/showthread...light=hugh%27s

Yuri 10-18-2015 03:29 PM

Re: Trent Severn
I missed out on going to the debut of their second album entitled 'Trillium' which was held in Stratford Ontario October 9th. Beautiful album cover on 'Trillium' painted by Stratford artist Shane Norrie - very reminiscent of Canada's 'Group of Seven' painters. No offense intended, but nice to know that that part of Ontario can produce talent other than Justin Bieber.
Check out Shane Norrie's artwork at his website:

charlene 10-18-2015 06:00 PM

Re: Trent Severn
While Bieber's music isn't my cuppa I appreciate his artistry, voice and talent.. as well as his determination to make his dream come true. Gordon has commented that he is a fan and admires his musicianship and songwriting talent.. He was disappointed to not meet him after the Grey Cup event a couple of years ago. Perhaps he sees himself in young justin - making mistakes, being a kid from a small town on the big stage. And perhaps thanking gawd there wasn't the paparazzi, twitter, instagram back then as there is now to hi lite every wrong move any and every body makes. i'm not in the spotlight and never was but i know that i certainly did and said things as a teen/young adult that were part of growing up and we all did them...justin and his peers have nowhere to hide when they sometimes act in ways we don't approve..he's only 21 and been in the limelight since he was 15..and not just the Canadian limelight-he's a world wide superstar in every sense of the word in today's entertainment industry...He's done pretty well for himself and those who are employed thru him and by him. He works hard.. There's a lot of 21 year olds out there who can't decide whether they want to drink all night or get stoned and wake up tomorrow and do it all again.. I'll take Justin over them any day.lol..

Yuri 10-19-2015 09:38 AM

Re: Trent Severn
I agree with you 100% Charlene. Would any of us stand up to that microscopic scrutiny that today's social media (a camera in every pocket) offers. Not to mention the vermin paparazzi who are just as happy to create an incident as to just document it. Add the unbridled exuberance and new found freedom that becoming an adult offers and you have all the ingredients of 'trouble'. While JB is not my "cuppa" either, I did acknowledge his "talent" in my previous posting. I wish him, and all, the best of luck!

charlene 10-19-2015 10:39 AM

Re: Trent Severn
the 'no offense intended' as an intro to justin's name/talent makes it seem like a put down...

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