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Conversation Between mandoann and SherylKat
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  1. SherylKat
    09-02-2008 04:18 PM
    Hi, I will need your e-mail address...sorry! Sheryl
  2. SherylKat
    07-14-2008 08:42 PM
    Just a quickie - still in hospital but friend brought my computer so I could remain in touch with outside world, for at least 15 minutes!

    Hope you don't mind, I bought a ticket for Cerritos. Don't mean to horn in on your family time - maybe we could have a quick lunch together or something? And, Stockton tickets go on sale on Friday. Will probably skip Fresno, but who knows?

    So jazzed to think I might see you again, and have a job at the same time!

  3. SherylKat
    07-14-2008 12:02 PM
    Hi admitted to hospital early Sunday morning - bad reaction to drug, couldn't hardly walk. Will probably be ih there uhtil Wed afternoon. I'm thinking more and more about Cerritos...nice think to think of to pass the hours. Kinda scared. Not a good sick person. Whatever happens, how lucky you are to have family to give you such a nice birthday present!

    Happy Monday! Sheryl
  4. SherylKat
    06-30-2008 10:48 AM
    Hi, Ann! Right after I e-mailed you, I got really sick. I think I'm getting better but have bronchitis. I also didn't get a job I really wanted to get. Bummer. Anyway, hopefully, I'll be back on my feet by next Monday and can really get hopping to get another job.

    I'm so glad you had the patience to wait until I got somebody with some clout to get you backstage. Re the pics and your camera, I'm in the same boat regarding non-concert shots. We'll e-mail soon when I feel a little better. So so to hear about Red, too, and I also ran into my next door neighbor's car - I feel like I used up all my fun and luck in TO! Weren't we lucky to have experienced that! Like one big family -- Sheryl
  5. SherylKat
    06-23-2008 11:50 AM
    Hi - I see your name listed as having been at Massey May. I met a lady from Portland, OR at Massey May and she gave me her e-mail address so I could send pics to her. Unfortunately, I lost the e-mail. Are you the Ann I talked to? If so, I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch but that's why. Hope you are the one and will respond!

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